Déesse | Pro Express LED Mask


  • ‘On the Go’ Glow LED phototherapy mask
  • Offering superior performance and flexibility
  • FDA approved technology
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With industry-leading technical knowledge and FDA approved technology, the Déesse ProTM Express is the culmination of innovation and expertise, developed by a highly experienced team with over 20 years in the industry and clinical expertise within the LED market. The Déesse ProTM Express provides cutting-edge technology to deliver a safe and pain free way to transform your skin with no downtime. The Déesse ProTM Express uses two clinically-proven wavelengths of light: 633nm, red light and 830nm, Near Infra Red light. These wavelengths stimulate collagen and elastin production within the cells and improve blood flow and tissue oxygenation, through a process called photobiomodulation. The Déesse ProTM Express device targets the entire face in a single 10 minute treatment, making it ideal for a targeted and flexible express skincare treatment and making it a travel-friendly device, providing medical grade eye protection during the treatment. The Déesse ProTM Express has been designed to repair damaged cells and is clinically proven to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Amongst other benefits, use of this device will help improve skin tone and texture. This Déesse ProTM Express device provides full European regulatory compliance.

Following global success of our acclaimed Déesse PRO, we have taken our most popular anti-ageing express mode featuring RED & Near Infrared and created a clinically proven, travel friendly, portable USB charged 10 minute express facial treatment experience, for the ultimate On The Go Glow!..

This new LED phototherapy mask allows the application of professional grade treatments in the comfort of your own home or on the move. Benefitting from all the same technology and clinical provenance of its parent, the Déesse ProTM Express is designed to target anti-ageing and skin conditions for fine lines and wrinkles, as well as being efficacious in health and wellbeing, helping to improve mood and sleep quality and proven to reduce headache and stress. Offering superior performance, flexibility and prolonged usage, using Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT).

What’s in the box
The Mask comes in a beautifully designed pull out box with a crisp branded drawstring re-usable bag

1 x Déesse PRO Express™ silicone flexible LED light therapy mask
1 x power cord connected to Mask
1 x USB re-chargeable control unit
1 x set of multi country power adaptors
2 x head straps
1 x protective travel bag
1 x user guide
2 x medical grade protective eyewear

1 year manufacturers warranty (Subject to registration)


  • Mode 1: Red Light – Supercharged
    Anti-Aging Express (recommended session 10 minutes).


Please read all instructions before using the mask. Whilst LED therapy is safe for all skin types & has no downtime there are some users that the mask is not suitable for;

  • Not suitable for pregnancy,
  • Do not use whilst being treated or recovering from Cancer.
  • Do not use if you suffer from epilepsy or light associated hypersensitivity.
  • Do not look directly at the bulbs when in use.


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  • Use on freshly cleansed, clean & dry skin.
  • Cover eyes with provided protective goggles or damp cotton rounds if preferred.
  • Use sitting upright or lying down. If lying down the head strap is not required.
  • Use in accordance with guidelines given in operating manual & website.
  • Use an antibacterial wipe or spray to clean the mask thoroughly in between uses.
  • Please ensure the mask & power is turned off in between uses.



  • Use the treatment mode for 10 minutes
  • Use morning, evening or as required, if using AHA/BHA or Retinols use at Alternate Times. (Mask in Morning, Active products Evening)
    (Not to be used after heat based treatments)
  • Intensive Plan; Use 2-3 times a week for 4 weeks, then once a week for maintenance
  • Regular Plan; Use weekly, monthly or as required