MyoLift Triwave UK


Three Waveforms

The MyoLift Triwave comes with three frequency specific waveforms that target different skin concerns.


 Myolift™Triwave FAQ 

What is the intensity? 

The Myolift™ triwave allows you to adjust up to 400 microamps.

Do I need to be a professional? 

No, you do not. The Triwave is available for everyone and safe for at home users, no license is required.

How is this different from the other at home devices? 

The Myolift™ Triwave is different in that it offers 3 waveforms instead of 2. This third waveform allows for lymphatic drainage.

What’s Included in the box? 

MyoLift™ Triwave Device ● Lead Wire ● Probe Applicators ● 4oz. Conductive Gel ● Battery Charger ● User Manual ● Quick Start Guide ● 1 Year Warranty

How many settings are there?

The Myolift™ Triwave comes with three settings, run, erase, and rejuv.

1) Educate – focuses on toning muscles

2) Erase – focuses on skin texture and reduction in the appearance of fine lines wrinkles

3) Rejuv – focuses on helping to rid the skin of toxins and can be used to treat acne prone skin

What is the difference between the three settings? 

● LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE (Rejuve Setting) – Is a sawtooth or pumping waveform which helps stimulate the lymphatic system, helping the skin to detox and calm. It helps to clarify the skin and calm the redness or inflammation.

● LENGTHENING (Erase Setting) – Muscles that need to be relaxed need to be lengthened. This is generally applied in the areas such as around the eyes, lips, and forehead.  These are muscles that become tight from overuse.

● SHORTENING (Educate Setting) – The shortening of the muscle allows for a tightening effect to the loose skin or facial muscles that have become lax.

How many treatments per week should I do? 

The following are general and approximate guidelines for frequency of treatment: Microcurrent can be used every other day, or up to 3 times a week.

● 20 – 35 years: Preventative, can be performed once to twice a month.

● 35 – 40 years: Initial series of two treatments per week for one month and to follow with maintenance once a month thereafter.

● 45 – 50 years: Initial series of two treatments per week for two months and to follow with maintenance once a month thereafter.

● 50 – 60 years: Initial series of three treatments per week for two months with maintenance twice a month thereafter.

 ● 60 plus years: Initial series of three treatments per week for three months with maintenance twice a month thereafter.

My device doesn’t work when plugged in?

This is a safety feature. The Triwave will not turn on when plugged into a wall for charging. It comes pre-charged right out of the box and will last for many uses. Only plug into the wall for charging needs.

Can I use the Triwave for  lymphatic drainage on other parts of my body?

At this time the  Myolift Triwave is FDA cleared only for face and neck only.

What is the difference between Myolift Mini and Myolift Triwave?

The Myolift Mini has two waveforms, one for lengthening muscles and one for lifting.  Both devices have an intensity that goes up to 400.  The Triwave has an extra waveform that allows you to do lymphatic drainage.

How long does the battery last?

The battery indicator on the screen shows how much charge is left. If the charge is less than half, you will need to recharge the unit. If you see the unit is not turning on (nothing will be visible on the LCD), then you definitely will want to recharge the unit. The battery will last at least 8 hours.It will take about 2-3 hours. You may want to charge it on an overnight basis

Which Mode do I start with?

We recommend you start with the Rejuv setting.  This helps to clear any toxins from the skin first.  Then you will use Erase to lengthen and follow with Educate.

When do I use Level 1 and Level 2?

When first starting out, we do recommend you use the lower setting, level 1.  You want to build to the higher intensity, level 2. On areas of the face where the skin is close to the bone, (forehead) you will want to keep the intensity lower.  Level 2 is for areas where the muscles are bigger, which is the cheek area but can be used everywhere as long as you don’t see “visual” twitching of the muscle. When using the Rejuv mode, use the setting that feels the most comfortable.

What if the conductivity bar won’t stay solid?

That is telling you that you need to hydrate the skin.  Hydration is the most important part of using microcurrent because electricity is attracted to water.  You can spritz the skin with our Replenish spritzer, or use a water based serum, like our Anti-Aging Peptide Serum.  You can also use a sheet mask, like our Restorative Sheet mask. Just make sure that anything you use is water base.  Oil will impede the flow of current.

Should my movements be fast or slow?

We do recommend you take your time, movements should be more on the slow side.  You will get a better result if you take your time.