Truth Treatment Systems Skincare UK

Medifine Aesthetics are proud to be the FIRST official UK stockist of the Truth Treatment Systems.

This skincare range is like no other. This superior product range augment and enable dermal processes at a cellular level. Ingredients to activate fibroblasts, normalize keratinocytes, stimulate proteins and enhance the production of extracellular lipids. And that’s the secret. Truth Treatment Systems™ products and regimens don’t change skin chemistry — they support skin chemistry!

What we love most about Truth Treatment Systems products is the fact that every ingredient has a purpose. For this reason, there are:

  • NO fillers
  • NO preservatives
  • NO waxes
  • NO emulsifiers
  • NO oils
  • NO fragrances
  • ONLY 100% active and functional ingredients


So, lets meet the Genius behind these products……Benjamin Fuchs, R. Ph.

Ben is a registered pharmacist, nutritionist and skincare chemist. For the past 32 years he has devoted his time to developing what he likes to call “pharmacy-potent skin health products” designed for aestheticians, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, skincare enthusiasts, and of course his own clients.

He believes that caring for the skin is about the health of the skin. And that’s why I created Benjamin Fuchs, R. Ph. Truth Treatment Systems™; to provide topical nourishment for the skin that meets the strictest performance standards.

All Truth Treatment Systems™ products have one thing in common — they WORK! .The ingredients leverage the latest biochemical understandings and utilize proven strategies gleaned from years of compounding prescription skin health products for physicians and the most discerning patients. The system utilises a transdermal matrix system (TDM), which is a vitamin and delivery system into the skin specifically formulated by Ben Fuchs for his products. This discovery is what sets this product line above the rest.

The Products 

REGENERATING 5% RETINOL GEL | This highly concentrated 5% Retinol Gel is a blend of potent blend of healing Vitamin C and exfoliating Vitamin A remove dead and dulling skin cells to fade discoloration, smooth lines and refine scars. With continued use, skin will look tighter, clearer and brighter, breakouts will dissipate and blackheads will dissolve.

TRANSDERMAL C BALM |  Utilising lipophilic Vitamin C to effectively penetrate and work to reverse skin damage and discoloration. Truth Balm softens lines and wrinkles, promotes healthy tissue and collagen production, and restores a firmer, more radiant complexion.

TRANSDERMAL C SERUM | This serum contains only fat-soluble Vitamin C which Benjamin Fuchs claims can penetrate the outer layer of the skin (stratum corneum) as opposed to L-Ascorbic Acid which is commonly known as water-soluble Vitamin C. This is what really sets this serum apart.

OMEGA 6 HEALING CREAM | Omega 6 Healing Cream is a rich hydrator and restores skin tissue using 100% active and functional ingredients. Premium lipophilic Vitamin C and Omega 6 fats work synergistically to soften and improve skin elasticity, balance and function. Refines texture, helps smooth scars, lines and wrinkles. See a firmer, brighter and fuller complexion immediately.

RESURFACING 1% RETINOL LIGHT | A potent blend of healing Vitamin C and exfoliating Vitamin A regenerate skin, shedding dead and dulling skin cells to fade discoloration, smooth lines and refine scars.

BIOMIMETIC PRIMING MIST | This electrically active mineral solution has a unique capacity for penetration, delivering its benefits deep into skin tissues and into the cells themselves. It mimics moisture factors present in your skin. Softens skin & enhances the application & efficacy with Truth Treatments.

For more information about this range, speak to one of our trained staff members.

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