The NEW Product by Julia Hunter Maximal Strength Emu Dermyl Now Available at Medifine Aesthetics 

SKIN THERAPY EMU OIL now with NEODERMYL® – known as the “needle – free” collagen and elastin “filler” because it is PROVEN to re-energize aging, retired skin cells – fibroblasts – to YOUTHFUL function, remarkedly VISIBLY increasing collagen and elastin production, combating quickly, efficiently and effectively the wrinkling, sagging, volume, moisture loss and inflammation causing aging and skin conditions.

SKIN THERAPY Emu Oil synergized with each unique, maximal strength Skin Therapy product provides ULTIMATE SKIN PRODUCT STRENGTH POSSIBLE, currently formulated with Neodermyl® – for fast, visible, results–proven efficacy. Combined with optimizing INTERNAL body health and cellular function, results are physiologically expected to be the most remarkable! MAXIMAL, Physician-strength EMU DERMYL PROTECTS, PREVENTS, CORRECTS, REJUVENATES, SOOTHES, and RESTORES ALL skin types. It contains NOW ULTIMATE therapeutic, regenerative properties for inflamed, dry, damaged, sensitive, irritated skin, skin conditions and scarring.

With aging, skin cells/fibroblasts no longer have the energy supply to produce  their products, collagens and elastin, effectively nor adequately to keep up with loss. By providing a SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN EFFECTIVE NEW source of bio-energy – NEODERMYL®- this production is exponentially reactivated and re-animated!

Neodermyl® RE-invigorates, doubling senescent/retired/aged fibroblasts activity – the cells that produce the ESSENTIAL skin replenishing components to:

¨ Increase collagens I and III (youth collagen) synthesis – EXTRAORDINARILY visible improvement of skin density/volume and firmness/lifting.

¨ Increase elastin production – improvement of skin elasticity/lifting.

¨ Laser and skin procedures will work better due to the increased fibroblast function, collagen and elastin production.

This Emu Oil’s superlative chemistry. It is perceptibly best for moisturizing and ingredient penetration, skin soothing, calming and restoring. Combined with Neodermyl® its skin anti-wrinkle, rejuvenating, lifting, volumizing and tightening therapies and visible results are incomparable for:

• Dry, damaged by all assaults, ENTIRE body, face, eyelids, neck, lips.
• Fine and deep lines, anti-aging, renewing elasticity, bio-energizing, skin volumizing and firmness, prevention and reversal.
• Deep moisturizing, youthful regeneration, collagen, fibroblast, mitochondria revitalizing of entire body skin cells.
• Rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, and soothing sensitive, irritated skin.
• Excellent to reduce pain, irritation, redness, and blistering from shingles.
• Scar and stretch mark minimizing, burns and sunburn, cuts, abrasions.
• Decreases undesired brown pigment.

To purchase this product, we recommend booking an in-clinic consultation, contacting us via email or telephone or completing our online consultation form.


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