NEW device now available at Medifine from MBK !!!

The MBK Sol device promotes collagen regeneration, blood circulation, helps relieve eye fatigue and improve dark circles and under eye bags. Can be used on lips lines, around the eyes and nasolabial folds.

Red LED Light: 630nm-635nm
High Frequency Vibration: 10,000/per minute
Adjustable Heat: 37° C -45° C/ 98.6° F- 113° F


Mode 1: Vibration + Heat + Red LED

Triple-effect, brightening and skin rejuvenation, helping decrease wrinkles, increasing the elasticity of the eye muscles.

Mode 2: Heat + Red LED

The hot compress wakes up eye muscles, and the LED red light enhances cell activity, promotes collagen regeneration, and repairs damaged cells.

Mode 3: Vibration + Heat

10,000 times / minute high-frequency vibration massage, constant heating, activating sleepy eye muscles and product penetration.


This tool promotes collagen regeneration, blood circulation, helps relieve eye fatigue. It improves dark circles and under eye bags. Can be used on lips lines and nasolabial folds.



1.Take an appropriate amount of eye cream and spread it evenly around the eye.
2. Hold the on/off button down for 3 seconds to turn on device and short press (on/off button) to switch the
mode, and press “+”/“-” to adjust the temperature as needed.
3. Hold the tool so the metal tip is facing you or facing the client if being done in treatment.
4. Use upward and outward motions around the eye. For lower eye puffiness start on the inner eye and move
out and downward for lymphatic drainage.
4. To turn off hold the on/off button down for 3 seconds. Wipe the massage head with an anti-bacterial wipe.



Plug your device into a USB port with the provided USB cable and charge for 2 hours. During the charging process, the display screen battery symbol flashes. The battery symbol stops flashing after charging is completed. (Make sure to remove the protective film from the display screen area)


Metal massage head with red LED light
LCD Screen
USB charging port
Upshift button
Downshift button
On/Off key
Mode selection button


1. Please apply the skin care products evenly before each treatment to avoid excessive skin care products
accumulating in the massage head.
2. Please wipe the product clean with a dry cloth after each treatment is completed.
3. Please don’t pour water on the device or submerge device in water.
4. Please don’t use corrosive to clean the instrument.
5. Please store it in a cool dry place.
6. Please don’t use the device if it is damaged.


1. This product should not be used in the following: children, pregnant women, patients with epilepsy, tumors
and cancer patients, patients with cardiac pacemakers, implanted with cardiac defibrillators, and other devices
with implanted in vivo. If you have any medical questions, such as serious illness, epilepsy, etc., please consult
your doctor before using.
2. If your eyes have inflammation, such as conjunctivitis, do not use this product. If you feel abnormalities in
your eyes, eyelids, or skin during use or after use, please consult your medical specialist.
3. Remove all metals, such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets etc. before use.
4. Do not use while charging.
5. If using on sensitive skin, please test an area first.
6. Do not repair, disassemble, or modify this product.


All MBK products have a 2-year warranty. If you have any issues with your device, please contact MBK at