The majority of skincare on the market contain high concentrations of water within the formulations. On average products contain 70% of water and this is why water appears as one of the first listed ingredients on the labeling.

Water usually exists in skincare to act as a cheap solvent to dissolve down the active ingredients found within the formulations. However, water-less skincare is becoming more sought after and according to  Cosmetics Business named “waterless beauty” as one of their top trends to watch in 2019.

Why Water Free Skincare?
  1. Formulas with a high concentration of water often require preservatives to prevent microbial growth.
  2. Water can also dilute the active ingredients in a product, rendering it less effective.
  3. Water-free products allow for higher concentrations of the active ingredients.
  4. Water becomes a luxury ingredient. It means the majority of the products price is spent on water content.
  5. Water Free is more environmental friendly. According to World Widlife Fund by 2025 two-thirds of the world’s population may face water shortages, and leading market research firm, Mintel, has found that 27% of consumers are now trying to reuse or use less water.


Water-Free Products

Truth Treatment Systems is one of the skincare brands that contains no water within the products along with no fillers, fragrances, oils, waxes or parabens. All Truth Treatment products are made from with just active minerals and natural ingredients. No water means highly concentrated 100% active and functional ingredients.



The Products

Check out the full range of Truth Treatment Products on our online shop or call clinic for more information.

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