House of PLLA (Sculplla) | H2+ MIST 120ML

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  • Poly-L-Lactic Acid stimulates the production of collagen
  • Create a radiant, glowing complexion
  • Improves the texture and bounce of youthful looking skin

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Sculplla Stem Cell Mist will not only assist with reducing fine lines and wrinkles but it will create a radiant, glowing complexion, and balanced skin tone. The results build with continued use and improves the texture and bounce of youthful looking skin.

Active Ingredients 


Lotus Plant Stem Cell gives vitality to the skin by forming a protective barrier. When used on top of other products, it will improve results.

Hydrolyzed Collagen relaxes tired and dull skin and aloe vera leaf extract hydrates the skin and makes the skin glow.

Sculplla Stem Cell Mist contains the collagen stimulating Poly L Lactic Acid  (PLLA), which is the magic ingredient found in the injectable filler Sculptra and in the Sculplla Filler Mask.

PLLA, also known as a bio simulator, liquid bandage or dissolving sutures, is a safe ingredient that’s been used in surgery for decades because of its ability to stimulate collagen which supports healthy skin.

2 reviews for House of PLLA (Sculplla) | H2+ MIST 120ML

  1. Degun Degun

    Degun Degun (verified owner)

    I can’t be without this mist, especially if going out as this mist gives me a real glow, my skin stands out and that is what I want especially when I have invested in lots of great skin products that is benefiting my skin. Even if I’m not going out, I will use this mist last eg. After applying all my serums, moisturiser and then the sunblock cream , then a good spray of this mist feels great, Ive had people commenting on my glowing skin, highly recommend it. I love it,

  2. Deborah Stewart

    Deborah Stewart (verified owner)

    This mist is a must to apply over skincare or make up. It really hydrates my skin and gives it a glow. Well worth the price tag. I purchased the Sculplla serum, moisturizer and spf 50 too and get so many comments on how good my skin looks. I will continue to be loyal to this brand as I have tried so many products over the years. I am a skincare junkie and I also have worked for many skincare brands ( still work in the skincare industry) but have never seen such good results until now. I use Sculplla products AM and neogenisis PM. Both brands are excellent!!!

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Spray clean, dry skin. Follow with your favorite serums, moisturizer, and sun protection, and spritz again throughout the day to refresh the skin. Use 7-8 times per day to maximize the results.

Purified water, ethane mol. Dipopylene glycol polysorbate 20, aloe vera extract, betanine, haline, toin, adenosine, beta-glucan, elderberry leaf extract, centro-leaf extract, sodium hyaluronate, disodium OICIEI 01, polylactic acid, raspberry extract, rosehip fruit extract, cornstarch extract, 01 sera laura extract, 0 liter extract, cranberry citrus extract, western crestella seed extract, gugija extract bokbunja extract, hydrogen (0.002%) lecithin, butylene glycerol 013, Glycerin caprylic / capric triglyceride 01, flower terras barberry extract (0.0003%), elderberry branch/ leaf extract, al-sandi b. Mernesses methanol, clofenesin, spice, WIH, Tripeptide-1 Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 Arm 01 Tohl Pentapeptide, 4 sodium ascorbyl phosphate.