Spring Skincare Blog – Top 5 skincare and treatments picks for March

New month and a new top 5 skincare and treatment recommendations for March. Spring is here and with this a change in season, time for change and new beginnings.

Spring Clean your Skincare 

Spring is a time for change and new beginnings, so take the opportunity to look at your current skin care range and assess whether it is delivering results. Did you know that on average only 5% of current skincare brands on the market penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin; where the majority of ageing takes place. We sell a range of cosmeceutical skincare scientifically formulated to deliver active ingredients into the deeper layers to drive results. Book in for a skin consultation with us to find out more about the brands we offer. Out with the old skincare and in with the new improved skincare.

ZO Sunscreen and Primer 

Two perfect combinations for the warmer weather. An SPF to protect against not only ageing UV rays but also High-Energy Visible (HEV) light. Protecting is the best way of preventing, so we are always campaigning for our clients to use their SPF skincare on a daily basis – come rain or shine. The Primer inside this product will also help set your make up and more importantly give your make up half a chance of staying put with the warmer weather looming. Available to purchase in clinic.

Resurfacing Treatment

Spring is all about the ‘New’, so let’s give your skin a new fresher, healthier glow with one of our resurfacing treatments. We offer a range a resurfacing treatments to suit all skin types and concerns. Whether you are looking for an overall glow or wanting to tackle a skin concern such as pigmentation or acne, then we can tailor our treatments accordingly. Prices start from £55.

MesoLift Treatment 

We have also taken our own advice and invested in a NEW treatment product – The Mesotherapy U225 Gun. This is a french made machine offering quick and precise injections of mesotherapy substances. It is used for face rejuvenation, promoting skin health and hydration, improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improvement of hair quality and reduction in hair loss. Prices start from £100 per treatment.

Hyperhidrosis -(excessive underarm sweating) Treatment

Downsides to the warmer whether is increased sweating. BOTOX® can be injected into the skin to treat the symptoms of severe underarm sweating. It works by temporarily blocking the chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate sweat glands. When the sweat glands don’t receive chemical signals, severe sweating is reduced. Prices start from £370.

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