This is the new pigmentation treatment from the founders of PRX-T33. Reverse peel is an effective and safe treatment for:

  • Melasma
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation 


REVERSE PEEL’s formulation is unique among existing treatments, treating melasma in an effective, gradual safe way. 

  • Easy & fast performance
  • For all skin types
  • For all seasons
  • Long terms results
  • Pain-free


This is an innovative peeling developed by the Italian company GPQ S.R.L. This treatment appeared on the European market as a class I medical device with the CE mark.


How Does the Peel work? 

The Peel treatment is a three phrase treatment:



It’s action starts with the melanin oxidation, thanks to the hydrogen peroxide, and continues with the lightening action of the kojic acid. Both the substance reach the deeper layers of the dermis thanks to the TCA which allows for an easier penetration.



A peeling with high-concentration lactic acid and phytic acid with the iron-cleating action. The lactic acid reaches the basal layer producing cell vacuolisation without destructing the superficial layers.



A peeling mixture of AHA’s (glycolic, mandelic, salicylic) that descale the skin’s outer layers as well as phytic acid.


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