Truth Treatment Systems | Energizing Exfoliating System


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Targets: Dullness, Dryness, Dehydration, and Mild Discoloration


This at home treatment is the perfect refresher for skin, providing exfoliation, brightening, calming and hydration. The Rapid Exfoliation System is designed for skin in need of a gentle pick me up and also supports your in office peels and treatment plan your Professional Esthetician has designed for you.

What The Kit Includes:

Step 1 | Cleanse – Peppermint Salicylic Cleanser 60ml
Step 2 | Pre Treat –  Nutri-Prep Solution 
Srep 3 | Exfoliation – AHA Energising Exfoliator 30m
Step 4 | Neutralize – Vitamin C Nutri-lizer
Step 5 | Mas – Cooling Mask
Step 6 | Treat – Omega 6 Healing Cream 15ml
Step 7 | Post Care – Transdermal C Serum 3.5m & Biomimetic Mineral Mist 30ml

How To Use 

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