Genuine Dermaroller | Mask – 10 pack



Dermaroller Cool Mask is designed to intensively hydrate and aid recovery of dry and traumatised skin. The mask consists of a soft silk layer imbibed with a novel hydrating and repairing serum featuring the intensive skin hydrator Hyaluronic Acid and the crucial skin lipid Ceramide. These, when applied under the soothing silk mask, intensively hydrate and re-moisturise dry skin and skin that due to local trauma is subject to trans-epidermal water loss.


  • Hyaluronic Acid intensly hydrates the skin
  • Vitamin E offers free-radical protection
  • Matrixyl, non-sensitising peptide helps repair the skin and boosts fibroblast activity
  • Use after Dermaroller treatment to cool and soothe the skin
  • Suitable for all skin types

To aid recovery of the skin the Genuine Dermaroller Cool Mask serum also contains Vitamin E, the most important lipid-soluble skin anti-oxidant providing a bost to free-radical protection, important when the skin is recovering, and importantly the non-sensitising peptide Matrixyl, an evidence based skin-repairer that has been shown to enhance fibroblast activity.


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Apply the mask to the face for approximately 20 minutes with any remaining serum massaged into the skin will soothe, intensively hydrate and boost recovering and dry dehydrated skin. In the unlikely event that any irritation is experienced remove the Cool Mask immediately and cleanse the skin with clean cool water.

The three key active ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid: hyaluronic acid ensures the elasticity of tissues thanks to ‘skin hydration of which is primarily responsible. It has important anti-inflammatory properties and protects the skin from bacteria and viruses.

Ceramide (s) plays a vital role in preventing the loss of transepidermal water in maintaining hydration and nell’azzerare the effects of harmful substances.

Vitamin E (tocopherol) restores the skin’s cellular integrity. Quickly and effectively counteracts oxidative stress. It helps protect the skin from UV rays.

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