Genuine Dermaroller | Home Roller Kit


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Genuine Dermaroller Home Roller Kit

The HC9 Dermaroller  is a smaller version of the Genuine Dermaroller™ that is designed for you to use at home two or three times a week. It stimulates your epidermis with a shorter needle length to enhance the penetration of your skincare products.

Genuine Dermaroller™ Home C8 0.2mm 192 micro-surgical needles in 8 rows. Needle length 0.2mm, width of roller-head 20mm in storage box & supplied with Dermaroller™ Cleaner.


  • Promotes the release of growth factors
  • Aids collagen production
  • Aids product absorbtion
  • Encourages smoother, brighter skin

Genuine Dermaroller Home Kit
This is the basic starter kit and should last around 9 months, if used twice weekly.
The kit contains:
•The Genuine Dermaroller 0.2mm for home use
•Genuine Dermaroller cleaning solution 30ml

Prior to shipping we are required to carry out a consultation via phone or email, so please do look out for correspondence from us so your device can be sent out as soon as possible.



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How To Use

The Genuine Dermaroller™ HC9 should be used initially twice a week on an evening. Firstly consider the face as sub-areas as demonstrated in figure 1 and make sure your skin is clean. Working on one sub-area at a time use a firm grip so as to control the HC9 and make a pass forwards and backwards. Complete 3 passes in the same location and then repeat this process moving across the sub-area vertically, horizontally and diagonally. Avoid sideways movement and downward pressure. If after 2 to 3 weeks use your skin is tolerating the use of the Genuine Dermaroller™ HC9 the frequency of use and number of passes described above can be increased. After each use place the HC9 device under a running hot tap and then carefully shake dry taking care not to knock the needles. Spray the Dermaroller™ Roller Cleaner on the HC9 roller head and needles and place and store in its container.

The HC9 device has a use life of approximately 9-12 months with proper care and with an average use of 2 to 3 times per week. The Genuine Dermaroller™ HC9 device should be used under the guidance and based on the advice of your aesthetic skin professional. It should not be used on active skin conditions such as acne, eczema or psoriasis. If in doubt consult a professional. If the use of the Genuine Dermaroller™ HC9 causes irritation or excessive redness stop its use immediately

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