Cosmedix | Age Defying Skin 4-Piece Essential Kit



Kit Contents
  • Benefit Clean 15ml – Gentle cleanser for all skin types.
  • Cell ID Serum 15ml – Antioxidant serum with peptides and growth factors
  • Serum 16 15ml – Retinol, Retinaldehyde & Glycosaminoglycans complex cream with Vitamin E
  • Emuslion 15ml – Deeply hydrating moisturiser

CosMedix Age Defy Skin 4-Piece Essential Kit contains everything you need to prevent premature ageing as well as help to treat existing signs of ageing. Contains 4 generous sized travel sizes.

Cleanse with Benefit Clean morning and evening.

Apply Cell ID Serum after cleansing in the morning. Follow with Emulsion and a sunscreen (not included).

Apply Serum 16 after cleansing in the evening. Follow with Emulsion if extra hydration is needed.

See individual product listings for full ingredients list.

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