Osmosis Rescue Serum 

Available at Medifine Skin Clinic

The Osmosis Rescue serum is among one of our best selling serums, so we wanted to dedicate a whole blog as to why it is so loved by our clients.
This Osmosis epidermal repair serum contains a revolutionary, patented, new ingredient that combines modern technology and an ancient Oriental medicinal herb. Trioxolane has a remarkable ability to neutralize toxins, calm inflammation, activate epidermal wound repair, and provide the skin the tools needed to permanently treat pores, age spots, and skin texture changes.

What is Trioxolane?

Through a patented process Osmosis convert Capric/ Caprylic Triglyceride into Trioxolane. Trioxolane is a highly bioavailable, stabilized oxygen molecule. This stable oxygen molecule that helps support immunity, repairs and prevents protein oxidation, and helps calm inflammation.
Trioxolane is a super-charged ingredient that repairs changes in skin texture, age spots, enlarged pores, scarring, hyperpigmentation, and inflammation. It is specifically designed to repair damage created by oxygen free radicals.
For this reason, this serum is good for all skin types and concerns.

Promotes Skin Immunity 

Trioxolane is anti-microbial, it strengthens your skin’s immune system by restoring its oxygen fighting power. Skin Immunity is vital in fighting skin conditions and inflammation. While antioxidants (like vitamin C) prevent free radicals from stimulating chain reactions that lead to cell damage, immunity-boosters provide cells with the energy to fend off aggressors, as well as to repair damage after the fact.

Key Benefits 
  • Helps neutralise toxins
  • Boosts skin’s barrier
  • Minimizes the appearance of age spots, rough skin, and large pores
  • Calms redness
  • Targets blemishes


How it Fits into Your Routine 

Apply 1-2 pumps on clean skin in the morning and evening. Follow with additional serum(s) and moisturizer if needed.


Water (Aqua), Trioxolane, Cyclodextrin, Carbomer, Glycerin, Sodium Hydroxide.

How to Purchase 

Click HERE or follow this link – https://www.medifine.co.uk/product/osmosis-rescue-30ml/ or call clinic on 01132253938