The MyoLift is a FDA cleared, non-invasive, portable facial toning device at can be used for both home and salon use.

This battery-operated device delivers low-level electrical microcurrent impulses to strategic locations on the face to improve the facial tone for a more youthful appearance. The unique double-tipped probe applicators, designed for optimal contact and emits a gentle electrical current which continually alternate between the positive and negative spheres. The MyoLift Mini device allows you to adjust the current output from 0 to 400 microamps as per the client comfort level.

For your MyoLift device to operate correctly, the skin  needs optimum moisture content.  Therefore, it is important to use a mist alongside the conductive gel to keep the treated areas nice and moist.

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Regular use of the MyoLift mini device will help to increase facial strength and tone, while maintaining a more vibrant appearance.

As we age, our muscles loose ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) which is the energy of the skin cells and muscle tissue. The skin starts to fall and expression lines begin to develop, like the furrow between the eyebrows. While, the muscles on our face that are not used as often begin atrophy which leads to sagging. Sagging can occur more commonly around the jawline, chin, and neck. Microcurrent is considered a natural solution to addressing this and helping to slow down this process.

How Does it works? 

The MyoLift mini device uses low-level of safe, painless electrical impulses to the muscles in the face and neck. The overly-tightened muscles, relax and under-worked muscles regain their strength. In essence, microcurrent facial toning re-educates the facial muscles and aims to restore them back to their original shape. When this happens, the results are a more lifted, firmed and toned facial structure.

At the same time, the microcurrent improves the circulation that stimulates production of collagen, improves tone and texture and improves the appearance of fine lines.

MyoLift Microcurrent utlilises double tipped probe applicators with a flexible handle design. True microcurrent is delivered with the pinch-and-hold technique on the different size muscles by grasping the muscle in-between the probe applicators.

There is no pain associated with this type of treatment. A slight tingling sensation may be felt but most people report a feeling of relaxation and an increase in the energy.


MyoLift™ Mini Microcurrent Machine | Redefine Wellness Center


How To Use My MyoLIft Mini? 


There are 2 settings with the MyoLift Mini:

Erase Mode – LENGTHENING – Muscles that need to be relaxed needs to be lengthened. This is generally applied for the thinner skin tissue such as around the eyes, lips and forehead areas. The movement is executed by starting on the forehead area with probes together and then move to pull apart.

Educate Mode – SHORTENING – The Shortening of the muscles tightens the Golgi Tendon and allows for a tightening effect to the loose skin or facial muscles that have become elongated. The movement is executed by placing one probe stationary and the second probe moving towards the stationary probe.


What are the benefits of MyoLift?

  • It’s a clinic-grade facial toning device
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lifts sagging skin by toning facial muscles
  • It gives the appearance of more contoured facial features
  • Improves blood circulation for healthy skin
  • Increases skin elasticity by increasing collagen production in cells. 
  • Non-invasive treatment


How often should I carry out the treatment? 

It is recommended to use the MyoLift 1-2 times a week for either 4-6 weeks or 10-12 weeks or until you achieve the desired results. After that, maintenance is advised once or twice a month.

Each treatment lasts about 45 minutes to an hour. 



The Myolift Mini is available to purchase here in the UK through our website following this link –

It is worth bearing in mind

You will need to US to UK adapter plug for your device to work in the UK. You can purchase this through our website, see link below: