We realise and value how much we learn from each other and one of our long-standing patients with vast knowledge of skincare and ingredients has shared some of his insights. We hope you find it useful to get an insight into Daniels thoughts and personal experience with skincare.

We put 10 Questions to our lovely patient Daniel……….


1. Why did skincare become a real interest?

It was after I was involved in a bad accident and was left with scars on my face. Looking in the mirror, I was very unhappy with what I saw and people were always telling me you do not look well, you look tired. I had a scar on my forehead which I did not like, and it was a constant reminder of the accident.

Skincare became part of my healing journey and revamp.


2. What was your first skincare regimen?

It was me walking into Boots just picking of the shelf a moisturiser and face wash, not having a clue about what I should buy regarding skin health. I used Clinique toner which strips paint and knew nothing about the importance of using sunscreen.


3. How has your skincare regime changed?

I decided to have a Rhinoplasty and saw a Plastic Surgeon, it was then that I was introduced to sunscreen and Retin A. I started learning about these skin ingredients and it has become a passion of mine to learn and understand what works and what does not.

I have changed in that I no longer get my skincare products over the counter in shops and use only medical skincare which has properties that will do something in the skin.


4. What skin conditions have determined your skincare regime?

Scarring, Dull & combination skin oily T-Zone, dry in the winter and long-term pigmentation.

For me it is taking a multistep approach to these skin conditions but am careful not to overload the skin with too many products.


5. Does the skin need different products?

Absolutely every skin is individual, and you need to look at your skin needs, go to a clinic and discuss options, ranges, and different products as one product does not fit all.

In summer I need to focus on keeping my pigmentation at bay. My tip use only cosmeceuticals and you will begin to see a difference in your skin.


6. What determines a good product?

The delivery system is number 1 and then formulation. I love ZO full of ingredients that makes the product work, they have a brilliant exfoliating cleanser great at removing oil, which then creates a blank canvas for skin products to then penetrate.

Active ingredients must be able to penetrate the outer skin surface and get to the living cells deeper within the skin layers where they are going to make a difference.


7. What results have you seen over the years?

Scar, pigment reduction, improvement in lines and wrinkles, firming and textural changes in the skin.

People think I am younger and am happy that I have held back the years. Turning 51 years old this Wednesday, but people never guess my age.

8. Do you use just one skincare brand, or do you handpick from many?

I have handpicked from many and now realise after trying so many ranges what works and which products, I see benefit from. There are so many brands on the market and see benefit from sticking to one brand.

You see on blogs products being advertised as the best thing yet a lot of the time these are marketing claims with no science behind them and therefore do not work in my opinion.

I will now spend on certain brands that I know work and it is all from experience and my research.


9. What ingredients are important to the skin?

4 ingredients-

  • Vitamin A family (Tretinoin, Retinol, Retinaldehyde),
  • Vitamin C,
  • Acids (Malic, Mandelic, Lactic & Glycolic Acid),
  • Sunscreen absolute must have products in skincare routine. Vitamin C and Sunscreen work hand in hand, vitamin C neutralises free radicals and enhances the sunscreen to work better.


10. How have you developed your knowledge?

Not listening to influencers online who are being paid to sell products and may never have tried them.

I look at science and evidence to help me understand skin layers, what skin needs to keep healthy, how to prevent damage and repair the skin barrier.

I am a great believer in combining topical skincare actives and supporting this with oral supplementation for internal health.


My leaving tip:

To stop skin ageing it is all about preventing UV (sun damage).

Never ever forget sunscreen and you must apply enough of it and reapply as directed.


Daniel that was so informative and we look forward to you continuing to share your skin journey with us. We cannot wait for the next session to hear about your experience on skin devices that you have used and how you rate them.


Thank you so much from Lucy & Jacqui at Medifine Skin Clinic in Leeds