Benzoyl Peroxide for Acne


Benzoyl peroxide along with salicylic acid are two of the most well-known acne-fighting ingredients. If you suffer with acne breakouts then this ingredient should not be overlooked and here’s why.


How does it work? 

Benzoyl peroxide is an ingredient that works to destroy acne-causing bacteria in your pores. Primarily, it works as an exfoliating agent by increasing the turnover of the skin and removes the mixture of sebum and dead skin cells from the pores.

Benzoyl peroxide key features include:

  • It’s an anti-inflammatory. so helps calm inflammation
  • Antiseptic: it reduces the number of skin surface bacteria. It also reduces the number of yeasts on the skin surface
  • Oxidizing agent: this means that it can effectively kill living cells, such as bacteria, via a process known as oxidative stress.


How Long Will It Take to See Results?

Results can vary, but any acne treatment can take time and a combination approach is also best. Treatments/ingredients can work well together in conjunction to help improve the results.

For a ballpark amount of time, you would hope to start seeing an improvement within 6-10 weeks. Patience and commitment is key with acne and for others it can take longer.


Are there any side effects? 

Benzoyl Peroxide can cause short term side effects on the skin and cause irritation such as:

  • dry skin
  • red or peeling skin
  • burning or stinging (skin irritation)

Anything more than this is rare.


Product Recommendation

ZO Acne Control


  • Micronized benzoyl peroxide 10%: Acne treatment and prevention
  • Glycerin: Hydrator and moisture replenisher
  • Green tea extract: Antioxidant and anti-irritant
  • Pinebark extract: Antioxidant and anti-irritant
  • Red tea extract: Antioxidant and anti-irritant
  • Grapeseed extract: Antioxidant and anti-irritant
  • Tea tree oil: Keeps skin clean


Available via on-line or in-clinic consultation . Please contact the clinic to arrange this directly.

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