Now the summer is coming to an end and autumn is approaching, we wanted to put together some of our top tips for the Autumn and avoiding some common skincare pitfalls.



Tip 1: Don’t stop the sunscreen just because the summer is over….


Sunscreen is the most vital product we can use daily. There is an abundance of research and evidence on the devastating damage ultraviolet and Infra-red light causes to our CELLULAR DNA. It is an absolute must sunscreen is used daily throughout the year to keep the skin healthy and minimise daily damage.

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Tip 2: It’s not necessarily time to go aggressive


You will likely see an increase in advertisement for peels or ‘stepping up’ your skincare routine now the summer has ended. And yes, Autumn is a great time to start addressing skin concerns and especially ones that the sun may have caused during the summer like increased hyperpigmentation.

However. the higher and stronger the product or treatment, does not mean the better for everyone. Everyone’s skin is different and while one may benefit from a more aggressive approach another may end up with more problems such as an impaired skin barrier.

The best way forward is to proceed with caution and get ADVICE. Book a skin consultation and we can assess the skin and ask the appropriate questions to help know the best recommendation for your skin.

Remember – once you skin barrier is impaired, it will take time to repair it.


Tip 3 – Want to start Retinol, but unsure where to begin 


Vitamin A is well researched and an evidence based essential ingredient used to support all skin types as it helps to generate healthy cells, unclog pores, smooth skin, reduce wrinkles and breakouts. It is one of the top ‘miracle’ ingredients we have in skincare, but it comes in different forms.

Tretinoin being the strongest form and while this will suit some, it will not suit ALL. And other alternatives are still great options in achieving healthy, good conditioned skin such as retinaldehyde and retinol.

A skin consultation to assess your skin and working out which is the best form, percentage and product to begin with is the best course of action.


Tip 4 – Hot showers and baths will be tempting as the weather gets colder but can cause irritation on the skin


I love being warm, so when the weather changes and turns cold; soaking in a hot bath is so tempting. Firstly, showers are better than baths, so try limit how many baths you have as showers are shorter in time. The hotter the shower, the more it can dry the skin out as it can strip the skin from its natural oils and effect the pH balance so luke warm water is the perfect temperature.

Also finishing with a hydrating body cream or serum is a great way to replenish the skin and give the skin on the body an antioxidant boost.

My top favourites are…

Tip 5 – Healthy diet and support with supplement for a 360 degree approach to skincare 


As the autumn/winter months approach, we are exposed to more infections/viruses which puts more strain on our immune system. So, a healthy diet and supplementing to keep our body healthier, will also help keep our skin healthy.

Diet plays a key role in maintaining skin health, to many sugars, processed foods, saturated animal fats and too much alcohol is pro-ageing. Diets rich in antioxidants, omega-3 & 6 fatty acids, whole grains and many other healthy food groups can be anti-ageing and anti-acne. As well as keeping our body strong and at its healthiest, which will help correlate with the skin.

Especially important is Vitamin D which we usually get from the sun and diet found in fish, olive oils, eggs for example. But for some supplementing Vitamin D will be a good idea to keep levels at the recommended daily dose. We recommend:




Here at Medifine Skincare we source out premium, essential, active ingredients that have been handpicked for their efficacy and delivery systems. Our role is to work with you optimising and supporting your skin health, looking at disease prevention and treatments. We are big believers in supporting internal health and can make recommendations regarding oral supplementation.

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